Shutdown Alert – Federal Court Enters 60 Day Stay

On December 22, 2018, The United States District Court for the Western District of Michigan entered Administrative Order No. 18-MS-109 that stays certain Social Security cases pending in the Court. This Order impacts individuals who have sued the Commissioner of Social Security in the Western District where the parties have not finished briefing the case.

Part of the Order is quoted below:

The Court therefore enters this Administrative Order, which applies to all pending Social Security cases in which the briefing schedule has not yet been completed. Accordingly:

IT IS ORDERED that all proceedings in any Social Security case pending before this Court, in which the briefing schedule has not yet been completed, are hereby STAYED until sixty(60) days from the date of this Order. Following expiration of the stay, Magistrate Judges of this Court may set new briefing deadlines, and make all necessary scheduling adjustments in particular cases. The Clerk need not file a copy of this order in any individual case.

For more information, refer to the Court’s entire Order at the Court’s website.