Disability and Art

We visited the “Process and Presence: Contemporary Disability Sculpture” exhibit at Frederik Meijer Gardens & Sculpture Park in Grand Rapids. Living as a disabled person in a nondisabled world requires continual adaptation to spaces, living conditions and social situations. Here is a link to the exhibit information page.  This exhibit is free …

Appeals Council Remand

I just received a remand from the Appeals Council returning an unfavorable Social Security decision that was improperly denied. The judge got the facts wrong. The judge the law wrong. And the client suffers. This case should have never been denied. The person is clearly disabled. While a remand means …

From bad to worse

Wait times for hearings are still over 600 days. It routinely takes several hours of waiting to accomplish anything in-person at a Social Security office. Instead of addressing the problem of growing backlogs and a shrinking workforce, the government continues to starve the agency as workloads and costs increase. The …

New Lowell Office

We are almost settled into our new Lowell office. It is hard to believe that we went from this:

to this:

so quickly.

Stop by and see us at 318 East Main Street in Lowell.