I Won My Disabiltiy Case – Now What?

The good news is that you won your Social Security case. The bad news is that, just like every other part of the Social Security process, you’ll have to wait a bit longer.

Notice of Award Letters in Disability Cases

In disability (RSDI Title II) cases, the next step in the process is to wait for your “Notice of Award” letter – this explains your current monthly payment, your Medicare eligibility, and provides a calculation of the past-due benefits.

Notice of Award Letters in SSI Cases

In SSI (Title XVI) cases, you will need to be interviewed by SSA regarding your income, assets, and obligations to pay for food, rent, shelter since you applied for SSI. Once SSA interviews you, they will send a “Notice of Award” that details your current monthly benefit and a breakdown of how your past-due benefits were calculated.

Careful Review

In all Social Security cases it is important to carefully review the Notice of Award letters to make sure SSA isn’t going to sent you too little (or even too much) money. If an award letter is wrong, a disabled person has a limited amount of time to appeal the decision with Social Security; the time limit and type of appeal will be listed on the Notice of Award.