Debt Collection Statistics

I reviewed 12 months of civil debt collection lawsuits from a local court. This data was obtained from the court’s public records, and is only as accurate as the information obtained, in the form it was obtained. Another data set appeared to show that plaintiffs in District Court obtain judgments the vast majority of the time.

Too many people never fight back. In my experience, it’s because the person sued thinks it will cost too much, it’s not worth the hassle, or they simply don’t recognize the person suing them and think it is somebody else’s account.

The most common debt collectors/debt buyers suing on debts were:

  1. Portfolio Recovery Associates, LLC – 565
  2. Midland Funding, LLC – 384
  3. LVNV Funding, LLC – 188
  4. CACH, LLC – 131

Other common plaintiffs were:

  1. Discover Bank
  2. Capitol One
  3. Credit Acceptance Corporation
  4. Jefferson Capitol Systems
  5. Area hospitals