About Tom Golden

Since I am not a huge fan of talking about myself, I figure I’ll write in the third person and see how that goes.

Social Security Cases

Tom Golden handles Social Security Disability and SSI cases at every stage of the process, including applications, appeals, administrative hearings, Appeals Council appeals, and in Federal Court.

Tom has handled over 1000 Social Security cases.

Tom has assisted Social Security clients from California to New York, including Tennessee, Kentucky, Illinois, Ohio, Arizona, and Florida. Sometimes it’s nice to travel, especially during a long, snowy winter.

Debt Defense and Debt Collector Abuse Cases

Tom also assists consumers in debt collection defense cases. He also files suits against debt collectors who break the law when attempting to collect debts. He files suits against debt collection companies, debt buyers, debt servicers, and the law firms who attempt who represent the debt collectors.

Tom has handled civil litigation cases from Ottawa County to Oakland County, and all the way to Schoolcraft County. His cases have in Circuit and District Courts. He has filed numerous lawsuits in US District Court as well.

Public Service and Leadership

Tom is a member of the Education Committee of the National Association of Consumer Advocates. Tom has served the Social Security Lawyers Section of the State Bar of Michigan as the Chair, Chair Elect, Treasurer, Secretary, and Council Member.