Working From Home

Because of the coming apocalypse and because we work with chronically ill individuals, we decided it’s best to call off in-person meetings for a while. We have changed all of our appointments to phone or video conferencing appointments through at least March 27th.

Call our office at (616) 897-2900 and we can set up a phone appointment, or we meet using Microsoft Teams, Google Meet, or FaceTime. Hopefully things will get back to normal soon.

Researchers Discover Pain Sensing Organ System

While it doesn’t appear that this discovery will have immediate impact on chronic pain patients, it looks like the research might aid in the creation of new pain management therapies. According to a Guardian US article: A new organ involved in the sensation of pain has been discovered by scientists, …

Who Does This?

Who waits days, or even weeks to send out a time-sensitive letter? The Social Security Administration, that’s who. Social Security decisions have strict time limits to file an appeal. When every day matters, it’s disappointing to receive a letter dated July 12, 2019, when the envelope indicates it was not …